What business people could learn from polyglot popstars

The pop music industry has always been a very international enterprise and one that has proved to be adaptable to many changes and challenges over time. As British businesses face up to their own challenges in the ever-changing post-Brexit landscape, they could learn from the multi-million selling artists who dominate the charts. Musicians and singers […]

The growth of the remote employee

The nature of work is changing in an increasingly globalised and digitised world. Traditions such as the 9-5 office role or punch-in punch-out shift-work, while not exactly disappearing, are making way for the phenomenon known as remote working.

We’re still a long way from the star trek universal translator

The technological revolution continues at pace, bringing us everything from kettles that can be controlled by our phone, watches that can pay grocery bills and cars that drive themselves. From a language perspective, we now have machine translation and interpreting systems such as Google Translate (enabling anyone with Google Chrome to decipher whole pages of […]