Past Events

Join us on a fun quest!✨

The topic: Dreams and Goals

The location: An interactive (online) venue where anything is possible

The purpose: To inspire and help each other to get closer to our dreams and start the year with a happy, non-stressed mindset.

Just a fun and relaxed networking session to start the new year, no pressure as usual, free of charge, and anyone is welcome to join!

As a business owner, there are things you need to ensure that you do over Christmas to make sure your business doesn’t suffer in January and that you get the time you to deserve! Therefore in this Christmas special Networking Event, we will talk about subjects such as…

– Automations preventing distractions and you being disturbed

– Opening hours and how to communicate these to your targets groups in the best way..

– Planning ahead to hit the ground running in January!

We also have a special guest, Kami Compliance, who will share their special knowledge within data collection and protection.

Our previous event was our flagship event that saw 18 passionate business owners look into the power and impact of social media within their business. The guest speaker was Robyn MacMillan, Creative Director and Co-Founder of The EXP who used her knowledge and experience to enlighten us on the importance of FAST within Social Media. FACTS is an acronym that discovers and highlights 5 main areas within social media to ensure you consider within your business.

F – Freedom of Expression
A – Accessibility
C – Consistency
T – Targeting
S – Start Somewhere!

If you would like to find out more about this event, please send us an email and we will send you the notes from this session! It was also wonderful to meet all of the different individuals that joined, it was incredibly inspiring to hear about the different backgrounds and experiences that brought us together.

At this event, we want to highlight different social media challenges and go through our best tips on how to best convey your message on your social media, in the most authentic way for you.

During this eventful hour we will go through:
* How to create content that reflects you.
* The 5 pilars of social media.
* Discussions in break out rooms and getting time to get to know other amazing individuals
* Activities and time for questions and chatting!

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